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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
Teacher, Electrical Systems 0124-00170124-0017

Erie 1 BOCES
Career and Technical Education
Potter Career and Technical Center
West Seneca, NY 14224

Annual Salary:   
$46,138 to $55,856 Base salary is commensurate with experience

PLUS $1750 Masters Degree Stipend

Generous Benefits package including but not limited to: Employment - Erie 1 BOCES

  • Paid annual Holidays

  • Generous Paid Personal/Sick time

  • Premium Health and Dental plans (E1B pays 85%)

  • Medical Insurance waiver allowance

  • Life insurance at NO cost to you

  • FSA plan

  • Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • NYS Retirement System

  • 403b AND 457 retirement plans

7:15 AM - 2:45 PM

General Responsibilities:

  1. Teaches career and technical skills and knowledge and skills to prepare students for the world of work or post-secondary education.
  2. Instructs pupils in citizenship, basic communication skills, in accordance with New York State Learning Standards, general elements of the course of study, as specified in state law, administrative regulations and procedures of the school district.
  3. Participates in planning and developing goals, objectives, curricula, and reports.
  4. Develops lesson plans and organizes class time so that preparation, instruction, shop work, and cleanup activities can be accomplished with the allotted time.
  5. Demonstrates career and technical materials, equipment, tools, and processes using standard or teacher-prepared models, mock-ups, sketches, and other instructional aids.
  6. Guides pupils in selection and performance of appropriate activities.
  7. Provides individual and group instruction appropriate to the needs of the pupil(s) and the requirements of the activities being performed.
  8. Instructs pupils in the appropriate safety precautions and the safe operation and use of tools, machinery, and equipment.
  9. Assists in the control, storage, maintenance, and use of materials and property to prevent loss or abuse.
  10. Establishes and maintains standards of classroom pupil conduct to provide an orderly, safe, and productive environment.
  11. Collaborates with academic teachers to integrate academic coursework into career and technical curriculum.
  12. Establishes contact with the business community to maintain industry standards and provide students with internship opportunities.
  13. Communicates with employers, parents, and school counselors on individual pupil progress as the need arises.
  14. Identifies pupil needs, and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils solve attitude and learning problems.
  15. Provides encouragement for continuation of formal education and assistance to pupils in employment awareness skills through development and maintenance of student portfolios.
  16. Supervises pupils in out-of-classroom program related activities during the assigned working day.
  17. Attends faculty meetings and works with Career and Technical Education Program Advisory Committee on the development and implementation of specific career and technical education programs.
  18. May share in the sponsorship of student activities and club activities.
  19. Coordinate work schedules and clinical sites with participating facilities where training is done, for example, hospitals.
  20. Assesses each pupil's performance, knowledge, and skills and prepares progress reports and grades.
  21. Maintains accurate and complete student records.
  22. Researches and maintains bid specifications. Selects and requisitions books, instructional aids, equipment, tools, materials, supplies, and parts as required, working under an established budget and procedures.
$46,138 - $55,856

Staff Notice of Nondiscrimination

Erie 1 BOCES is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment in its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age. Further, Erie 1 BOCES does not discriminate on the basis of religion or creed, sexual orientation, military status, genetic status, marital status, domestic violence victim status, criminal arrest or conviction record or any other basis prohibited by state or federal non-discrimination laws.

Inquiries regarding Erie 1 BOCES’ non-discrimination policies and grievance procedures should be directed to:

Eileen Fleming or to the:
Director of Human Resources
(Civil Rights Compliance Officer & Title IX Coordinator)
355 Harlem Road
West Seneca, NY 14224
(716) 821-7006

Erie 1 BOCES policies, procedures, and forms regarding non-discrimination are available below: